Framing Options

Framing Styles

All framing styles fall into three main categories: matted, matless, and float-mounted. Whichever style you choose, be sure that your Aussie Artwork print does not touch the glass once it is mounted and set in the frame.


All Aussie Artwork prints are outputted on quality 200gsm gloss art paper. Packaged and sent in a mailing tube to protect edges.

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Simple frames make great gifts

Matted framing

In the most common framing style, front and back mats and hinge or photo corners keep the photograph flattened while the front mat keeps the photo from touching the glass. Matted framing makes it easy to transfer an archivally matted artwork into and out of the frame.


Matless framing

Aussie Artwork prints can be shown with or without a border.

Despite the many advantages of matting, some customers choose not to mat their artwork. One common reason is that archival matting materials are expensive. Also, window mats give their Aussie Artwork prints a conservative aesthetic – or aura – of the art museum: a matted print seems to play to staid artistic traditions, whereas unmatted or unframed print – especially those displayed with no border whatsoever.



Floated mounts

To frame an Aussie Artwork print in a way that emphasises title and copyright information, float mounting is the best option. It allows the paper to hang on its own inside the frame, between the backing and the glass. A front window may be used, but is not necessary; if a window mat is not used, spacers maintain the distance between the glass and the backing.