About Lorna Hardless

About Lorna Hardless

I was born in UK in a small quiet village in the country side. I migrated to Australia in 1991 and have been very fortunate to travel this vast exciting country that has so many wonderful and beautiful places. Places such as the Karajini National Park, The Kimberleys, Cape Leveque near Broome, The gulf region, Cape York, Cradle Mountains in Tasmania and many more. The inspiration to paint and put brush to canvas comes from seeing these wonderful sights. I am based in Perth, Western Australia and I considered myself as a contemporary artist.


I continue to enjoy and learn about the Australian antics, their attitude to sports, politics, the love for outdoors and especially the Australian bush animals. I have portrayed those meanings onto canvas in many different forms as you would probably notice when you look at my paintings.


Lorna Hardless
December 2017 – Perth

Comments from George Mansford

“Lorna is an amazing woman who possesses an endless love and fascination for our outback and what she sees beneath its ochre skin.


Her travels, be it by foot with swag or navigating in a battered four wheeled vehicle complete with dangling, clattering blackened billycans and driven by her true blue companion in life has provided her the opportunity to capture the vast rugged beauty within our outback with paint and brush. Lorna’s individualised signature cleverly reveal the powerful spirit of our Nation.


Lorna has portrayed the strong pulse beat of the bush with an array of colours which depict the harshness and isolation of the terrain; this is mingled with our precious wildlife at play. Her thoughts and talents provide strong themes which reach out to reveal precious footmarks of our history. They range from ancient rituals, religious gatherings and unforgettable landmarks to multi cultures evident in so many of the historic events and social activities that make us who we are today in our beautiful and resilient land beneath the Southern Cross.”


As the Swaggies would have said

“Lorna, fair dinkum, your blood’s worth bottling”


– George Mansford

Author of: Junior leadership on the battlefield, The spirit of Australia and The Mad Galahs (Now available as a Kindle edition)

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